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Our Journey

Birria Mia started as a simple side gig which very quickly became bigger than we could expect.

Our owner had looked all around Connecticut for birria tacos, but no one was selling them. He finally made a trip to NY to try these glorious, tasty tacos. Roger then suggested to his mom they make some on their own. Due to Roger's following, many people inquired about the tacos sparking an idea of a small side business making these tacos.

Starting July of 2020, Birria Mia started operating only on Saturdays. By Oct. 2020, Birria Mia had gotten their food trailer. Slowly but surely, Birria Mia started opening on Sundays. Then, by July 2021, we got our food truck that you all know & love! By August 2021, we had started opening Fridays as well. And before we knew it, we were opening Thursdays too by late 2021.

Nothing pleases us more than getting compliments from our customers on our amazing food! We now get customers from all around CT, and even surrounding states! We also use delivery apps such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and and GrubHub. We hope to be able to continue to expand our business!

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